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The youth in us is a depressing film short that illistrates the beauty of life and death. In this film short a man and his wife or girlfriend is dying of some unknown illness and she asks him to take her life. The man almost illistrates death due to the color of his clothing and his significant other is dressed in white to show the serenity in death. My initial impression of this film is that it is ment to show more than just a man taking the life of his spouse. The film uses natural light which makes the scenes seem calm and serene. The sweeping camera shots flow with the style of the film. They seem to be unnatural but the do fit the film properly.

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My directors are Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. They made the television series american horror story. The first season was very successful with keeping the viewer engaged and enthralled. I was hooked from the first episode. The seasons differ from each other the first season involves a small family that moves from the east coast to the west coast.

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In my opinion film is a form unlike any other medium. It allows the director to manipulate time and objects to symbolize something significant. The use of lighting and symbols enhances the over all quality of a film.

Response(Shawn Topping) I agree with tanner becuse film is a very unique medium. Film captures moving images and creates a fluent produstion of many images. Film can be altered with lighting, props, clothing, etc. This mkes ll films different and can give certain films a different feel. Film is one of the most important mediums in todays culture because we view film almost every day. Film takes mediums like photography and music nd combines them to make an even greater piece of art.

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Film also has and engaging affect on the audience that keeps people involved and stimulated unlike art or a picture. The addition of special effects and music only enhance a film and how the film was shot,

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Mise-en-shot and Mise-en-scene are essential to the style of film. Some films have more focus on the objects in a scene rather than the characters in a film. But some films focus more on the characters and their actions in the film. Both combine can cause a film to make a stong impression on the viewer.

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The man of the self-made myth this article talks about how famous men and women can become mythic and almost have a myth like quality about them that makes them seem mythic. The actor explored in the article was chaplin. The writer talks about how chaplin had a movie persona and a persona that he lived every day when he was not acting. Chaplin in the theatre was comical and funny where as when chaplin was in public he was not as funny or comical more serous. His role in The Great Dictator was to rally men and woman to think for them selves and this role he give a memorable monologue. This monologue done by chaplin is still used in film discussion today. Chaplins work carries over into modern theatre today. He laid the frame work for modern satire.Chaplins role in modern cinema was pivotal to the progression of film. Chaplin originally a silent film actor helped film transition from silent black and white to black and white film with sound and dialogue.With out chaplin one could propose that film may not have progressed like it did. Though this is a huge statement Chaplin was one of americas most popular silent film actors.
Blog 12
In my opinion easy ride was a great movie and it made political statements about American freedom and Freedom in general. George makes a great statement about how freedom is just a myth and essentially people are affraid of what real freedom represents. The rest of the film also goes on to make a statement about the movement in the 60s with billy the kid. His appearence and his attitude about the trip is to party and have a good time rather than what Captian america wants. Captian America is trying to stay free and live a life where he doesnt have to worry about anything but his own freedom. The ending of the film is abrutp and short lived. Rather than the cliche riding away into the sun set our two main characters get killed by some redneck hicks from the south. But we do not see Captian America die we just see his bike go flying off into the feild. With out seeing captian america die this could symobolize the american dream of true freedom is still out there and is still able to acheive. Going on about the ending of the film. I feel that the end of the film was foreshadowed by the use of the cut scene of the buring wreckage and the grave yard. This is when i realize that their journey was going to be over soon. Like in seans blog he mentions the binary oppositions. This movie has a ton of binary oppositions some of which are road v.s home and new and old america and night v.s morning. These are explored through out the film.
(Sean Davidson)
So far, the movie Easy Rider is very good. In my opinion it is anyway. I like all of the binary oppositions showing up in the movie. For example the road/home binary opposition shows up almost everywhere. For example when Billy the Kid and Captain America first arrive at the Hippy housing area with the hitch hicker they picked up on the road it shows a sort of "home" area. It had everything a home could ask for. Housing, steady running water supply, food, and above all a family full of what seemed like great people if you got along with hippies...unfortunately Billy the Kid did not get along with them and wanted to lave almost immediately. Captain America on the other hand was very intrigued by the life style and the audience could almost suspect that he wanted to stay. Although captain America was in no hurry to leave they did end up leaving anyway, once again following the oppostion of road/home. Another part of the movie I am really enjoying is the iea of the American Dream. The idea that can be changed based on who you are. For Captain America and Billy it seems to want to be making it to New Orleans and living free. But for other people like the man tehy met in jail (I do not remember his name) it seems to him that the American Dream was to be a lawyer then after a while and after meeting Billy and Captain America he wants to travel to New Orleans with them and to experience that kind of lifestyle. Over all I really enjoy the movie so far and cant wait to see how the movie pans out.
Sean makes the statement about the binary oppositions in the film being a promoniant statement in the film. Ths film uses these binary oppositions to convey its political statements about america. Also sean makes a state ment about how Captian america and Billy the kid are lookign for their home. Although they are shown several different walks of life they dont ever find their actual home. They end up dying on the edge of the road in the back woods of florida. This final resting place in the film could be used to show that the real american freedom is dead and cannot ever be acheived. But at the same time This could be saying that someone new could take their spots. When the two men make it to New Orleans the film changes. The change shows that their journey is on the decline and coming to a close. Like sean i found the movie to be enjoyable and fun to watch even though some people did not like the ending.
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Cinematography and the way a film is shot helps convey the point and meaning behind a film. Using the rule of thirds and the correct lighting a film can give more depth to how the film is shot. For instance in the short film 8 that we viewed today in class the director put the significant shots or significant images on the intersections of the lines in the rule of thirds. This combine with sound effects and lack of talking made the films main point of the film "power struggle" and shows how everyone should be considered equal. Also in photos the rule of threes is used. The rule of threes makes pictures and videos more visually appealing. Lighting is another part of cinematography that plays a part in how an image is conveyed to the viewer. This is also how they make a character appear threatening, or compassionate. When a film is shot it usually takes several takes to make it perfect. Getting the correct lighting and making the rule of threes connect will ultimately make the shot seem whole. In 8 the shots where the man is shooting at the pilot puts the barrel of the gun on one of these intersections to show the significance of the man getting shot.
Blog 15
My initial response to Raging Bull is the films use of black and white will help the film convey its message about Jake and his struggle with his career. This film is unique in the sense that it uses black and white film rather than color which could have been used. The camera views and angles used by the filmmaker will help the film convey its message. Through the first 25 minutes of the film angle of the camera and shots that the camera captures are showing who jake really is. For instance the scene in his apartment when Jake is having his brother Joey punch him in the face. The angle of the camera suggests that Joey is a lesser person than Jake because the camera is angled down on him. Also in a later scene Vicky is shown kicking her legs in the pool. In my opinion i think that this could be foreshadowing the turmoil that Jake will get in by getting involved with Vicky. Also the same scene is littered with short shots of Jake and Joey, Vicky, and gangsters.

(sean Davidson)
This was actually one of the best films of my childhood. A group of friends going off into the unknown looking for something worth while. Sounds like every kid's dream right? It was definitely one of mine as a kid and it really still is. this movie was definitely the movie brought out the adventurous spirit in me and that's what I loved about it. To reflect upon Bobby's idea of the theme of the film I completely agree. Cherish the time you have with your friends because once it's over the only thing left to remember it by is the memories and the pictures, if you took any, and that's no where near as good as actually living it. I know I appreciate the time and adventures I've shared with my friends. All from going and playing airsoft in the back woods of Colton's house to going and bombing down some 35 mph hill with Tanner. All these are adventures I cherish and remember because they brought us closer as friends just like the adventure that group of kids took into the wilderness to find that something worth while. Another scene that's almost famous in the film is the train scene. The train scene is really the first time the kids are in the face of real danger. Running down the track trying to avoid being hit by a steam train really shows the impending dangers that this journey really holds for them. The director of the film really uses the long shot as a powerful tool to show the approaching danger and the close ups of the boy's faces to show the emotion of terror that almost drenched them. The director was truly smart in how he filmed this movie and I'm really going to have to go home and watch this film again to really appreciate this movie to it's fullest.
I think that the film Raging Bull is a good creative film that uses all of the aspects of film that we have explored so far this year. I find this film to encompass camera angles, mise-en-shot and mise-en-scene. The scenes in this film show how Jake lived his life. The film fits the curriculum because the film uses the creative aspects of the film making process. So in my opinion this film should be part of the curriculum. The way Mr. Bergman dissects the film makes it so the students can pick up on some small items that not everyone will notice in the film. He does a very good job at describing the films scenes and shots.